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Ample indoor & covered outdoor turf

The heat of the sun, drizzles turning into a downpour, freezing temperatures: all of these can get in the way of effective training. When a player is learning to tell the difference between pitches, having the sun blazing into his eyes can hinder the ability to see the ball. Practicing in an indoor facility keeps everyone safe when torrential rain or strong winds come.

There are countless distractions or other things to make a player lose their focus when outdoors. Harmful UV rays causing painful sunburn limits the movements they can make. Dreary days or mist can dampen spirits. Cars driving by or children playing in a nearby park makes minds wander. It's difficult to stay on track with so much going on that is out of your control.

Take back control of your training time with ELEVATE.

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ELEVATE facilities not only provide a safe place to train and practice, it's a comfortable environment that also limits distractions. Instead of standing in the blazing summer heat and dripping in sweat, you can focus on precisely what you need to work on in a temperature-controlled environment. Even in a blizzard, you will have the ability to improve your game.


Whether it's rain and mud, 90-degree heat in the middle of summer, or freezing temps in the winter, your practice doesn't have to be affected. Our indoor and outdoor covered turf areas make year-round training and improvement possible. Learn more about each location below or by visiting our facilities page.


Our Cordova location has one indoor turf area with
4,000 sqft. of turf if the cages are down and
7,500 sqft. with the cages retracted.

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In addition to the indoor turf, enjoy our covered outdoor pavilion too!
6,000 sqft. of indoor turf when the cages are retracted and
10,000 sqft. covered outdoor turf.

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Come train to be your best at ELEVATE!

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