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LeagueApps Parent Portal

Elevate is excited to partner with LeagueApps. This convenient and efficient software lets us streamline all of the administrative tasks into one easy to use and find location. LeagueApps handles all of our registrations, invoicing and payments, and team communication. The accounts are free for you, and allow you to access all of the information you need at the touch of a button. Download the app today and customize your notifications to get reminded about important communication, payments, and more directly to your phone. And you can even sync the LeageApp calendar to your own!

We know that you have a lot to keep up with, and we hope that this service can help you out! If you need any help with learning the features of LeagueApp, check out all of their helpful guides at the link below! Let us know if you run into any complications while using the program or if you need help receiving access to an account.

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