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Benefits of batting cages

The average velocity of a fastball is over 90mph. This means when the ball is thrown from less that 60 ft. away, the hitter has 150 milliseconds to decide to swing or not. Once they've decided, the ball is only in the hitting zone for less than 10 milliseconds. 

Hitting a round ball with a round bat squarely is another challenge. Getting two curved objects to connect in just the right way is extremely difficult, because if you're off even a smidge it could equal a foul ball or easy out. 

If we imagine the bat like a target the bullseye is only one-fifth an inch and hitting it exactly will result in a home run. But the ring outside of the bullseye means a ground ball back to the pitcher. This margin of error for contact is half the width of your phones sim card.


How can ELEVATE solve this challenge?

Successful hitters are competent in two areas. First, by stopping themselves from swinging at pitches, they aren't likely to get hits on and identifying pitches that present good opportunities. Hitting is not about how fast you can swing the bat but having the self-control to swing at the right pitches to give you the best chance to get a hit. Knowing what pitch is coming your way stops confusion and instills confidence. Once a player is able to anticipate the curve of an incoming ball. They are able to significantly increase their odds of making contact.

Practice is essential in being able to master these two areas. When using our batting cages, don't worry about weather or sun glare preventing your improvement. Being able to access the ideal practice space year round along with professional trainers is critical to overcoming the challenge of hitting.

Memphis has 3 cages.

Hernando has 4 cages.


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